All panels will be held in the upper floor of Olmsted Center, Drake University, unless otherwise noted.

2019 Theme: Vulnerability

Tuesday, July 23

11–3               Registration (Upper Gallery)

3–4:30             Book session (Conference Room A)

4:45–6:45        Welcome Address and Keynote (Conference Room A)

  • Welcome from Sue Mattison, Provost, Drake University
  • NALS President’s welcome by Erik Garrett
  • Opening keynote by Brian Bergen-Aurand, “The Limits of Vulnerability”
  • Moderator: Erik Garrett
Wednesday, July 24

8–9                  Registration (Upper Gallery)

9–10:30           Concurrent Sessions (Conference Rooms A and B)

  • Conference Room A: God, Goodness, and Vulnerability
  • Moderator: Leah Kalmanson
    • “Levinas, the God of St. Thomas Aquinas, and Vulnerability,” Cody Dolinsek
    • “A Vulnerable God: Existential Theism in Emmanuel Levinas,” Valerie Giovanini
    • “Vulnerability and the Good that Loves Me,” Bruce Gilbert
  • Conference Room B: Race and Gender
  • Moderator: Lenore Metrick-Chen
    • “The Disavowal of Vulnerability,” Cynthia Coe
    • “‘But I’m Not Racist!’: Denial, Fragility, and the Desire for Invulnerability,” Katie Kirby
    • “Gender and the Problem of Intersubjectivity,” Liudmyla (Mila) Rechych

10:45–12:15    Concurrent Sessions (Conference Rooms A and B)

  • Conference Room A: Politics and Policy
  • Moderator: Drew Dalton
    • “Ethics and Politics OR Ethics or Politics,” Tyler Tritten
    • “Who Can Lead Us to a More Responsible World—Levinas or Nishida?”, Dennis Stromback
    • “Levinasian Ethics and Engaged Buddhism: A Coalitional Philosophy for Healthcare with Vulnerable Populations,” Eric Dickman
  • Conference Room B: Speech and Ineffability
  • Moderator: Lenore Metrick-Chen
    • “Vulnerability and Expressivity: On the Bareness of Speech,” Joe Larios
    • “Levinas’s Wounded Speech,” Bernardo Andrade

12:15–1:30      Lunch break

1:30–2:45        Book session (Conference Room A)

3–4:30                  Concurrent Sessions (Conference Rooms A and B)

  • Conference Room A: Engaging Art
  • Moderator: Hagan Maurer
    • “Our Vulnerable Face, Our Precarious Voice: Two Allegories of Reading Otherwise (for Linda Bolton),” Jeremy Lowenthal
    • “Levinas and Art after Auschwitz: The Work of Art as a Site of Vulnerability,” Kaitlyn Newman
    • “Ambiguity and Ethics in William Kentridge’s Prints: Levinas in the Details,” Lenore Metrick-Chen
  • Conference Room B: Empathy and Affectivity 
  • Moderator: Katherine Kirby
    • “Trapped in Responsibility,” Yves Sobel
    • “Teaching History as “Reenactment” of “Thoughts of Others,” David Seim
    • Suffering for the Suffering of the Other: The Hyperbolic Vulnerability,” Jorge Medina
Thursday, July 25

8–9                  Registration (Upper Gallery)

9–10:30           Concurrent Sessions (Conference Rooms A and B)

  • Conference Room A: Animals, Nature, and the Environment
  • Moderator: Erik Garrett
    • “Levinas and the Non-Human Other,” Kathy Lin
    • “Distributed Faciality: Mobilizing the Call of the Face for a Nebulous Yet Vulnerable Nature,” Sarah Warren
    • “Are We Duped by Environmentalism? Skepticism, Teaching, and the Priority of the Human, for a More-than-Human World,” Joel Auerbach
  • Conference Room B: Goodness, Creation, and the Self
  • Moderator: Tyler Tritten
    • “Creation and Vulnerability in Levinas’s Thought,” Andrew Kelley
    • “Original Responsibility,” Shira Wolosky
    • “Reading Transcendence in Evil: Levinas, Nemo, Job, Isaiah, Suffering, and Vulnerability,” Sandor Goodhart

10:45–12:15    Concurrent Sessions (Conference Rooms A and B)

  • Conference Room A: Levinas’s Engagement with the Phenomenological Tradition
  • Moderator: Brian Bergen-Aurand
    • “Escaping from Being: Corporality and Vulnerability in Levinas’s First Works,” Joelle Hansel
    • “Transcendence, Revised: Levinas’s Heidegger in 1932 and 1949,” Jesse Sims
    • “The Reception of Husserl’s Lectures on the Phenomenology of Internal Time Consciousnessin Levinas and Gadamer,” Chris King
  • Conference Room B: Engaging Literature
  • Moderator: Hagan Maurer
    • “Someone Ought to Be There: A Levinasian Reading of Graham Greene’s Fiction,” Don Adams
    • “Religion, Faith, and the Resistance to Vulnerability in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina,” Steven Shankman

12:15–2:30      Lunch break

We regret to announce that the annual Talmud reading by Georges Hansel is cancelled this year.

2:30–3:15        Business meeting (Conference Room A)

3:30–4:45        Book session (Conference Room A)

5–7                  Closing keynote (Parents Hall)

  • Closing keynote by Deborah Achtenberg, “Essential Vulnerabilities Revisited”
  • Moderator: Leah Kalmanson